Evan Ogden

Singer/Songwriter. Austin, Texas

Roots T-Shirt

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Roots -- Evan Ogden T-Shirt.jpg

Roots T-Shirt


These “Roots” T-Shirts are a limited run so don’t wait, they’ll go quick! Everything in this design is significant to me and I’m happy to incorporate my life into my music.

Arrow and Wheat stalk - my music can at times be as hard and straight forward as an arrow, but it’s always tied to my roots, wheat fields have defined where I’ve lived my whole life. From Missouri to Oklahoma to Texas, wheat fields have kept me tied to home.

Scissortail - the state bird of Oklahoma, a place where I have spent so much time and where so many of my friends live.

Texas - the place that has given me so much, from a part of my identity, to a love for music and an independent spirit.

Windmill - the signature symbol of my grandpa and the love I have for a small farm in Franklin county.

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